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Starozhilovo Stud

Starozhilovo stud was founded in 1893 by successors of Baron Pavel von Derviz, who was railway builder and one of the richest people of that time. For more than centenary history stud was engaged in breeding of horses of various breeds and specializations. Initially Starozhilovo stud had been completed by Arabians and thoroughbreds and draught horses. Later the largest stud breeding Orlov-Rostopchinsky horses has been completely bought. The trotters section was organased.

In 1917 the farm was nationalized and cavalry courses were launched in it. One of Starozhilovos cadets was Georgy Zhukov, an outstanding military leader of the 2nd World War. That war was cause of irreplaceable loss of breeding livestock of Starozhilovo stud. In October 1941, when the enemy was absolutely close evacuation of livestock had begun, but all horses were lost at a ferry through Oka.

After war Starozhilovo stud completed by Trakehners bought in Poland and transferred by Kirow stud. It was possible to reach significant successes with Trakehners but it was decided to return them to their "historycal native land" in Kaliningrad area.

In 1978 under the initiative of faculty of horse breeding of Timiryazev Academy (Moscow) it had been decided to recreate the oldest warmblood breed of the country Russian warmblood, in fact to create it anew. In parallel with breeding work the new technology of the maintenance and breeding of young horses and the most important trainings and tests had been fulfilled. It allowed working on not only selection of type, color and exterior but also to test and predicts the working capacity.

So, soon Starozhilovo farm got 1st good results: Barin (Nabeg-Brigantina), few times the champion of the Soviet Union in dressage and Dikson (Nabeg-Diadema), silver prize-winner of the World Cup. Soon to them were added Kubar (Konok-Benefiska), Improvizator (Intrigan-Igrivaya), Izumitel (Intrigan-Igrivaya) and Gepard (Gamlet xx-Divnaya).

Per 1999 Russian warmblood breed of horse had been included to the State register of the selection achievements admitted to use published by the Ministry of Agriculture and the foodstuffs. The breed got a registration number 9353144 and Starozhilovo stud got the state license as the originator of the breed. Management of breeding work with Russian breed of horses charged to faculty of horse breeding of the Timiryazev Academy (Moscow).

Russian warmblood confidently moves ahead in number of breeds which are the best for dressage. Many Russian leading sportsmen work with horses from Starozhilovo, such as Elena Irsetskaya with Kipr and Inessa Poturaeva with Amaretto. In 2001 Amaretto (Au-DagGalaktika) was recognized as the best dressage horse of Russia and also the leader in the Central European zone winning prize-places in 5 stages of World Cup. Sport Horse schools of Yaroslavl and Nizhny Novgorod are regularly replenishes by horses from Starozhilovo.

The elegant exterior, noble lines of head, dark colors (mostly black and dark bay) and high sport potential all those things makes Russian warmblood known not only in Russia but also abroad. So, black stallion Neznaika (Nenaglyadny-Zagonka) acts in sport and in breeding work with halfbreed mares in England. Russian warmblood Abrikos (AgdamBeglianka) excellently acts in Grand Prix dressage in USA.

Russian warmblood is unique breed in the world specialized on the concrete kind of equestrian sport. They are the best for dressage. Horses-aristocrats, they are the only descendants of line of Orlov-Rostopchinsky horses. Children and grandsons of outstanding champions in dressage, winner of Olimpic Gold medal Absent, best horses of Arabian, Akhaltekin, Trakehner and thoroughbred breeds.

We are looking to the future with optimism. We have collected the best blood. Our horses are prize-winners of National and International competitions. Russian warmblood will be a serious concurrent to foreign breeds soon. Our horses are the most beautiful and talented. We are sure that soon horse breeding in Russia will reach former level.

Barin RW
Amaretto RW
Gogotun RW
Antigon ox
Ashfor RW
Elkush xx
Nabeg RW
Atom Akhalt
Improvizator RW
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